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The Project:

Released to the public on August 21, 2020

Today, the Postmaster General Louis DeJoy is defending himself before the Senate committee, stating that he is trying to make the post office “more efficient” — when news reports have revealed that an unknown number of mailboxes and sorting machines have been removed. The question is: why are so many going missing at this time — only 74 days before the Presidential election?

Not only is the postal service  a pillar of democracy, but it has been a creative outlet, and I encourage everyone to publish a book through it like one of our artists, Merry Alison Christmas, did in 2005. 

Letters are historic documents, and having access to the mail is a constitutional right. It is our hope that you use the mail today. And if by chance you are finding this site years later, floating aimlessly through a cloud that no longer has a name, we hope you can find a stamp to continue this mission. 

Richard Spice
Pessoa’s Farm Publisher


The Story:

The year was 2005; George Bush Jr. was president, and the LGTBQ community was fighting for equal rights, specifically the right to marry, when these postcards were sent between Merry Alison Christmas and the woman she wanted to spend her life with, Theodora Donahue. They went by Mac and TD. 

When TD accepts an art fellowship in Santa Monica, California, the two are separated. Mac stays in New York, and they begin a long-distance relationship, sewn together by these postcards, which Mac wrote obsessively. 

What I know for sure is the only reason these postcards have survived is because Kaye Viola intercepted them when TD threw them out. Kaye is the curator of Viola Galleries in Los Angeles, who accidentally (?) seduced TD, a woman 20 years her junior. Mac discovers that platonic affairs are difficult to prove, but they can be as destructive as the lustful, physical type. 

In the postcards to follow, we see Mac’s self-exorcism as she deteriorates into drug addiction.

Hell is the Skymall

Airport to NY • November 2005

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Brooklyn • June 2005

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Brooklyn • June 2005

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New Years eve • 2005

Going South

Shadowland; remembering la

Valentine's Day

U Liar

Prickly little peach

house on fire; spring in canada

Found on the ground

Mirror, mirror




mermaid or sea monster?


the void

starting over in november

bainbridge island

santa hats

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